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Le St-Martin Hôtel & Suites

is a four star hotel located at the entrance of the city of Bromont in the beautiful Eastern Townships region. Whether you are looking for a standard room or a suite, you will stay in a warm, luxurious atmosphere. A lavish continental breakfast buffet is served daily free of charge to hotel guests.

Located in a vacation destination, a multitude of packages are available to enjoy the attractions of the region. Whether a ski, golf, gourmet, spa, entertainment, water slides or zoo package, we can offer you them at a more favorable price. Taking a trip in the beautiful region of Bromont is a must.

We offer you the best and healthy continental breakfast buffet


Feed your microbiota


What was that you said, a “microbiota”?

‘’Micro’’ which means ‘’small’’ and ‘’biota’’ meaning ‘’life’’. 

This bacteria exist naturally in the area of your gastro-intestinal system (also called your gut), which if spread out flat would have an area as large as two tennis courts. Over 100 000 billion bacterium share this space with 200 million neurons, all working for you continuously “24 ? 7”, so next time you make a decision using your “gut feeling”, you know where it came from! 


What role does microbiota play?


Among other things, it activates our immunity system, protecting us from various diseases!


What do we need to eat to encourage our microbiota?


A colourful plate of Mediterranean plant-based food would be a very good choice. This is the case for Saint-Martin complimentary breakfast which includes berry and chia puddings, apple sauce, probiotic yogurts and whole grain muffins, etc… 


-Johanne Vézina, nutritionist