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Le St-Martin Hôtel & Suites

is a four star hotel located at the entrance of the city of Bromont in the beautiful Eastern Townships region. Whether you are looking for a standard room or a suite, you will stay in a warm, luxurious atmosphere. A lavish continental breakfast buffet is served daily free of charge to hotel guests.

Located in a vacation destination, a multitude of packages are available to enjoy the attractions of the region. Whether a ski, golf, gourmet, spa, entertainment, water slides or zoo package, we can offer you them at a more favorable price. Taking a trip in the beautiful region of Bromont is a must.

Why drink water?

'Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is a lot'.  This is the general reaction of people when they are encouraged to drink more water.  Yet surprisingly, within 2 weeks of increasing their water consumption, most people will feel benefits.

Farewell 'tiredness', Hello 'vitality'

'I feel much less tired!'.  Indeed, water is an essential part of the blood.  One of the many functions of the blood is to transport oxygen and nutritious elements to the body's cells in order to nourish them.  Those cells will then reproduce energy in a more effiicient way, resulting in an increased energy level within people.

Drinking water morning, afternoon and evening

Filling a water bottle or several glasses of water will give you more opportunities to drink water throughout the day.

Along with a welcoming smile as you enter Le St-Martin Bromont, Hotel and Suites, you will be offered a refreshing glass of water with a hint of lemon or fruits in it.  Cheers to your health!